Allinger, Tammad to lead ASB in 2021-22

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

The ASB council votes are in and junior Ashley Allinger will be president. Junior Becca Tammad will be the vice president.

“I’ve always had a desire to lead the school and influence people.  There is so much opportunity at Sandy and so many unheard voices.  So now that I’m the president I plan on communicating with fellow students and bringing their concerns and opinions into the light,” Allinger said. 

Along with ASB announcements there are normally class council elections.  However, with not enough applications this year, they are holding off elections until next fall.

The other three members on the ASB council are junior Paige Carey, and sophomores Adrienne McNeil and Hannah Thornton.

“For class council there are usually three per class including class president which is separate from the ASB one.  This year I was on class council so I’m excited to ASB next year,” Thornton said.  

While Allinger wants to focus on changing the school Tammad wants to help showcase many of the great talents at the school.

“I wanted to run for ASB because I want to represent the school and show the surrounding schools what SHS stands for.  Whether it’s our great athletes, amazing artists or just outstanding students in general,” Tammad said.

Besides just wanting to have things change next year, Allinger wants to leave her mark for years to come.

“I want to achieve great things for our underclassmen so they can continue feeling that they are confident in leading this school.  I want to press into the younger kids since they’ll be the ones planning events that they might not have ever seen,” Allinger said.

As things start to fall back into more normalcy next year, our ASB officers are prepared to make the 2022 school year a great one.

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