Girls basketball team returns to the court

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

After waiting for well over a year, the winter sports are finally back in action, and even with the new guidelines the varsity girls basketball team is excited to get onto the court.

“Having to face Covid has caused some changes.  For example, we have a much smaller team this year because not as many people wanted to play this year with a mask,” sophomore Grace Lucky said.

Along with wearing masks, the team is required to social distance while on the bench or getting water, like all other sports.  However, with basketball being a heavy contact sport some of the rules of the game have changed.

“There’s no jump ball this year.  Instead, when starting the game, the away team starts with the ball, inbounding it from the half court line,” Lucky said.

The smaller team this year can make things difficult during games when there aren’t as many subs, but the girls basketball team is holding their own.  After four games the team’s record is 2-2.  The next game will be today at home against Reynolds.

Even if things have changed with basketball, many girls are just happy with the fact that they get to play.

“I’m glad I decided to come back and play this season.  With all the craziness going on it’s nice to have somewhat normalcy with my sport,” Lucky said.

During home games, each varsity team member is allowed up to four spectators.  At away games they are unable to bring anyone. 

“I’m going to be honest, away games are pretty awkward knowing that there is no one in the stands cheering for you or your team.  It at least feels somewhat normal when you know four people in the stands are rooting for you,” Lucky said.

Even if the season feels different than it has been before, it’s easy to tell that these athletes are just happy to be back on the court.

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