Key Club still volunteers despite Covid restrictions

Key Club is a place to make friends, help out the community of Sandy, and create new memories. Unfortunately for Key Club, making all of those things happen this year has been a struggle. Last minute scheduled Google Meets and events are becoming a trend but working hard and fast is what the officers are good at.

Club members are in Key Club to help serve the community, but during COVID the opportunities are small due to new regulations. Some things that they have found to do are grounds clean-up at the high school, volunteering to help at the vaccine clinic, and helping the Kiwanis members with their events like the Easter Egg Hunt drive-through.

Key Club is very rewarding. Volunteering for things like reading to kids at the elementary school or giving out candy at Boo Bash makes you more involved in the community of Sandy and makes you feel good about what you are doing in your free time. By joining Key Club you’ll experience new things all of the time and create so many memories.

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