New coach guides young boys basketball team

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

This basketball season hasn’t come with much change to the rules compared to other seasons.  They have to wear masks and sanitize the balls every half but overall it’s still the same sport at the root. 

This year’s basketball team, although normal in size, doesn’t have a senior filled team like last year.  In fact, half of the boys varsity team is sophomores.

With a rough start to this year’s season, the team has gone 0-5.  However, with 8 games left the team is hoping for success. 

Even with the tough start to the season, the boys are still happy to be back in the gym.

“The anticipation that built up over waiting for months and the feeling of just being out on the court again gives everything a sense of normalcy and it was definitely worth the wait,” junior Eli Rink said.

The boys still miss their biggest team supporters: the student section.

“It’s definitely a little weird not having a student section with high energy and really feeling the home court feeling.  Without fans it almost feels like a scrimmage rather than a game,” Rink said.

The varsity team has had some other changes besides the ones Covid brought.  This year the team got a new head coach, Brock Mueller, last year’s freshman team coach.

“This season is of course different with the pandemic but also with the fact that we just got a new coach and with a new coach comes a new offense,” Rink said.

With the boys varsity team’s next game taking place today at Reynolds, they hope for their first win.

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