Senior Column: Just being there for someone is the greatest gift

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor 

When it comes to enduring a lightning and thunderstorm, being in what is essentially a tin can could be somewhat concerning. Well my 1950’s fifth wheel I was sleeping in was basically just a couple sheets of metal in the form of a long rectangular box. 

It all started at six in the morning on May 30 of last year. I am in no way a fan of thunder and lightning, in fact you could say I am terrified of it. And being in that tin can definitely did not make me feel any safer. I had woken up at six in the morning to the sound of a loud bang and the shaking of the trailer I was sleeping in. 

My first reaction was to stay in bed and to not move a muscle. I could hear the pouring rain outside hitting the tin can to the point where I could barely hear myself talk. I heard another crashing sound and I saw the flash of lightning. Then I started to feel my sheets get wet; my good old rusty tin can of a trailer was leaking and pouring water down onto my bed through the skylight. I walked into my kitchen and quickly put pots under my other skylight because that one was leaking as well. 

I went to start my heater and just my luck it didn’t kick on. It had worked the previous day but low and behold it would not work on the day I needed it the most. I laid back on my bed and gathered all of my blankets and then it hit me that I had a brand new puppy that I had stuck outside because she kept me up all night and she was out in the storm all alone. 

Because I am the biggest chicken when it comes to thunder and lightning storms, I contemplated going outside and getting her for 10 minutes. I didn’t want to walk out there, but I finally mustered up the courage and went outside to look for her. She was in the corner of the garage and looked terrified almost as much as I was. So I ran and grabbed the dog and we both ran back inside my tin can. 

Now there were definitely some things I had not thought about, such as how muddy my dog’s paws were going to be. I soon realized that fact, when the first thing she did when she got inside was run to my bed and jump on it and lay down completely covered in mud. However, like the good owner I am, I went and laid down right beside her and we were both chickens together until the thunder and lightning stopped. 

This story makes me laugh all the time because it was just one unfortunate event after another, but it also made me realize that even when things are not going your way or you are scared, there are people or even pets who are there to comfort you. They can make you happy and make you forget about the bad things that are happening. This also can apply to high school. There are a lot of bad times during high school, but if you have those around you to help you forget about those bad times, then it makes it all worth it. 

When you are scared, sad, or going through a rough time, sometimes all it takes is someone to be there for you to help make you smile. Sometimes even a wet, soaked, muddy dog jumping on your bed can make you feel even the slightest bit better.

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