Seniors: If you could have a ‘do-over,’ what would it be?

Katelyn Gaspard – I wish I would have gone to more events. If I had known I would have only gone to “regular” high school for a little over a year and a half, I would have taken the opportunity to attend more events.

Anahi Hernandez- I would do over my English class, freshman year. 

Skyla Harper- I would redo sporting events because they’re so fun, and they go so quick. 

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- I’d rather not find out about the middle college opportunity only a week before the essay and application was due. I don’t think my application essay questions would have been as good though if I had time to overthink it.

Carson Smith- I would do-over my senior year because of Covid. 

Kelsey Anderson- Choir concerts for sure.

Zoey Thornton- I wish I got out there more and made new friends.

Hannah Adams- Retaking my classes that I failed. 

Addy Mackey- My entire senior year.

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- If I could have one “do-over”, I would have signed up for more clubs in school. 

Keianah Weakland- I would meet more people in my classes.

Andrew Jantz – Finished senior year in the first semester.

McKenna Rattray- My entire senior year.

Madison DeGree- Join the GSA club and sign up for more plays. 

Owen Bruce- All of my high school years.

Jesse Dorr II – Do over? More time in Oceanic Science. That was my jam in Junior year.

Emmily McKinzie- It would be homecoming for my senior year. I was really looking forward to it. If I had the chance to redo my entire senior year I would, but homecoming would be the one event I would re-do since I was able to somewhat do something for prom this year.

Christina Popesc- The entirety of last year.

Nicholas Olsen- One thing I would do over is not study as hard. I have missed out on so much stuff just to study and do homework.

Michael Zangerle- I would go back to the sporting events where we could have a section of super fans. 

Jessalynn Weigant- I would go to all of the events, and join more clubs.

Angelina Gurney- I want to have a Prom, I don’t care if it’s senior or junior Prom.  

Semele Groce- Do-over the beginning of quarantine so I can be more productive.

Ryan Weber- My junior year of sports and school that was cut off because of covid.

Jake Billard- I would not have had a pandemic.

Kaya Greenfield- I would have liked to have a senior soccer year, but it didn’t work out right.  

Jocylyn Yost- To do high school all over again. 

Alexis Giusto- I think my one do over would be freshman year and it would be not applying myself and not participating in school events. Because my junior and senior year sucked so I wish I would’ve done more.

Miranda Bonner- Attend school dances.

Madison Bender- I would have just put myself out there more in general. You only get four years of high school and they go by in a blink of an eye. Take advantage of it.

Anthony Porter- Start over freshman year.

Ryan Gupton- I would like to do over 2D animation. 

Emilio Garcia- I don’t want a do-over.

Sergio Copado- Senior Decades. 

Griffin McAbery- I am perfectly content with my high school career and have accepted what it is.

Savannah Lomen- Out of all the fun, stupid and crazy things I did over the past 4 years, I don’t think I would change anything. Because despite what may have happened, those decisions have shaped me to the person I am now and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of my achievements.

Michael Estes- Passing both semesters of Speech.

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- I really wish I did decades my sophomore year. I went to a few practices then got caught up in other things. Our class ended up doing so good and should have gotten first. I wish I could go back and tell myself to follow through with it because now I have never done decades. 

Brogan Schemmel- Not have Covid.

Chase Richards- As a whole, I’d just enjoy high school more. We’re all stuck in the present and focused on the future. We aspire for the way things “could” be, but neglect the way things are now. High school was great and it really stings to have the last two years taken away.

Mal Wilson- Any of the dances, so I can live in the moment more knowing we won’t be going to another dance. 

Randi Vohs- Freshman year science class.

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