Seniors plan next steps in life

William Walker- Join the military.

Michael Zangerle- Work in the construction field then become either an electrician or plumber. 

Jessalynn Weigant- Going to a community college and becoming a teacher.

Angelina Gurney- Stay at the job I currently have at Suburban Ford. 

Semele Groce- OSU.

Ryan Weber- Go to PCC for a scholarship program.

Jake Billard- Attend Oregon State University.

Kaya Greenfield- I am going to Castleton University.  

Andrew Kosderka- Go to a 2-year. Likely either Mt. Hood or Clack, then transfer to a 4-year. 

Jocylyn Yost- Doing a job and wanting to go to college for two years or so. 

Spencer Ball- 1.5 years at Mt. Hood and 1.5 years at Oregon State for a Psych degree.

Alexis Giusto- Go to Mt. Hood for two years then go to a school that provides an ultrasound tech program.

Miranda Bonner- Take an off-year to work, then attend community college for two years, then move up to a university to become an elementary school teacher.

Madison Bender- Going to Mt. Hood Community to get my registered nurses license,  then take more classes to become a registered nurse first assistant in the operating  room. 

Ryan Gupton- Just take a year break then go to college to become a nurse.

Emilio Garcia- Get a job. 

Sergio Copado- Hopefully get an electrician apprenticeship. 

Griffin McAbery- Attend COCC with the Redmond Fire and Rescue Student Program and become a Firefighter.

Savannah Lomen- After graduation, I will be spending my summer traveling and hanging with my friends. Then in the fall, I will be attending Corban University and pursuing a biology major.

Michael Estes- Army Enlistment.

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- Getting my real-estate license and going to interior design school with hopes of flipping houses later down the road. 

Brogan Schemmel- Work. 

Chase Richards- Attend the University of Portland with a Air Force ROTC scholarship, get a mechanical engineering degree, and then enlist in the Air Force.

Mal Wilson- Attend University of Oregon (online) to major in biology, while caring for my grandparents. 

Katelyn Gaspard – I will be taking a gap year. 

Anahi Hernandez- Work. 

Skyla Harper- Study nursing at George Fox University in hopes to become a pediatric oncology nurse. 

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- Finish my associate’s degree at MHCC, and then go to a four year college. 

Carson Smith- Go to Clackamas Community College to get an associates degree.

Kelsey Anderson- Go to MHCC for two years to get my general and figure it out from there.

Zoey Thornton- College for psychology. 

Hannah Adams- Going to MHCC hopefully.

Addy Mackey- Work then go to the police academy when I’m 21. 

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- I plan to go to Willamette University and study International Studies, and then enroll in law school to become a lawyer. 

Keianah Weakland- I will be attending Utah State University in the fall.

Andrew Jantz – Keep working my job and either move out of state in the next year, or continue living in Oregon and make my way up in the company I work at now.

McKenna Rattray- Going to Western Oregon University to study Biology.

Elizabeth Tishchenko- I plan to study while working part-time.

Madison DeGree- Me and my friends are having our own graduation party/ceremony after graduation and going on a friend camping trip a few days or weeks after. I am also planning on going to Mt. Hood Community College. 

Owen Bruce- Move out of Sandy and join the army.

Jesse Dorr II – Probably going to attend MHCC for some time and then move to Japan.

Emmily McKinzie- I am attending ASU in hopes to achieve my doctorate in forensic psychology.

Nicholas Olsen- Going to Linfield to play football.

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