Seniors remember their favorite classes

Sergio Copado- Probably zoology/botany cause that was an exciting class. I got to dissect animals I thought I’d never see. 

Griffin McAbery- Automotive, being able to go out to the shop and take something broken and then get it to work.

Savannah Lomen- Biology, senior year, teacher: Wex. This class helped me discover my true love of science and helped shape my future goals and dreams.

Michael Estes- Junior English with Salveter, the class was very interactive and entertaining which made it easy to pay attention and follow along.

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- My favorite class I ever took was oceanic science. We first started the year off with talking about climate change. That topic went from being something I never really thought about to now being something I think about all the time. Because of Mr. Wex, I started buying more eco-friendly products such as not using plastic bottles or straws, buying all natural and organic products, and overall being more aware of what I put back into the environment. I also went on the coolest school trip to the San Juan Islands where I saw Orca whales for the first time. 

Brogan Schemmel- Manufacturing, it’s one of the only classes that actually offer real life skills to use after high school.

Chase Richards- Either of the core engineering classes like Intro to Engineering Design or Principles of Engineering. While the material is rather difficult and the class does include a lot of leg work sometimes, the rewards are amazing. I learned things in that class (calculus, statistics, physics) that I wouldn’t have even heard about until my senior year otherwise.

Mal Wilson- US History, learning from Frederick about the feminist movement was fun. My favorite was when she showed us a feminist movement of a Lady Gaga parody.

Madison DeGree- Art class because I met so many great people there and I enjoy art. 

Owen Bruce- Science.

Jesse Dorr II – My favorite class was Oceanic Science because I found it entertaining and useful.

Emmily McKinzie- Newspaper, I had a really hard time in school especially when it came to talking to random people and newspaper made it so I am not afraid to go up to someone and harass them for a quote if needed to (I politely harass them). 

Christina Popesc- Band and manufacturing. Band is my family and I love working with my hands. 

Nicholas Olsen- History. 

William Walker- Art because I could see and feel my progress every day getting further and better.

Michael Zangerle- My favorite class would have to be weight training because I had all my buddies in the class and it was just a fun time being with them lifting weights.

Jessalynn Weigant- My favorite class was probably Advanced English 11.

Angelina Gurney- Automotive, it’s been my passion my entire life. 

Semele Groce- Advanced English 11, in 2020. The class vibe was immaculate.

Ryan Weber- Manufacturing Technology because I was able to create some cool stuff out of that class and keep it when I finished it.

Jake Billard- Forensics 2018-2019, for its free instruction and tight community.

Kaya Greenfield- I really liked art because it gave me a period to relax my brain and work on something beautiful. 

Andrew Kosderka- Spanish 1 with Davis. It was the most laid back and fun class.

Jocylyn Yost- Advisory. Why? Because if you have Mr. Salveter he’ll make it fun for you. 

Spencer Ball- English because I like it.

Alexis Giusto- Freshman year math class with Ms. Nippert.

Miranda Bonner- My favorite class was Spanish 2 with Mr. Davis. I had an amazing group of friends in that class and Mr. Davis made the class a lot of fun.

Madison Bender- Salveter’s English class. Always the funnest class, always excited to go. 

Anthony Porter- Creative writing.

Ryan Gupton- Oceanic Science because I learned so much about how the ocean works and the many different sea creatures we learned and had to draw the animal during animal of the day. Plus you go on field trips and going to Friday Harbor was one of the best trips I had.

Emilio Garcia- Mrs. Swoboda.

Randi Vohs -Choir, I love singing. 

Katelyn Gaspard- Greenhouse management. It was a relatively easy class and being out in the greenhouse during the spring was a relaxing way to end my day. I felt like a lizard sunbathing on a rock.

Anahi Hernandez- My favorite class that I took was either ceramics or psychology. 

Skyla Harper- I really liked biology with Mr.Wex! He’s always excited to teach and learn new things, and he makes science fun! 

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- I loved AP World History! Mrs. Fredrick is unbelievably good at conducting a classroom full of exhausted 7th period kids and getting them to engage and have fun while learning about some obscure ancient war. I miss that class!

Carson Smith- Biology, because Mr. Magee was a fun teacher and I had a lot of friends in there.

Kelsey Anderson- Choir, specifically Symphonic and Pionaires.

Zoey Thornton- Civil and criminal law with Salveter. He made the class interesting and you could tell he was actually passionate about it.

Hannah Adams- Spanish- fun class and Mr. Davis made it so much fun. 

Addy Mackey- Weight training because it’s fun.

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- One of my favorite classes was American Sign Language (ASL). ASL was a new class introduced to SHS, and it gave SHS the opportunity to learn about a new culture and a unique language. The class was fun, memorable, and interactive; and with great teachers, it was one of the classes that I enjoyed a lot in my time at SHS. 

Keianah Weakland- I have really enjoyed taking newspaper because it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and improved my writing skills. 

Andrew Jantz – Manufacturing, because I got to make things with my hands. 

McKenna Rattray- Band. All my friends are there and it’s really fun to relax and play music.

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