Seniors say thanks to favorite teachers

Kaya Greenfield- Ms. Reneau was my favorite teacher because I could relate what we were doing to real life, and found the material interesting and more than just English. For example, we talked about some history and current events.  

Andrew Kosderka- Mato, I believe I have taken every class he offers. As long as you don’t do anything stupid, he is the nicest teacher and tells some life stories. 

Jocylyn Yost- Mr. Salveter. 

Spencer Ball- Sal [Salveter] because he makes classes interesting.

Alexis Giusto- Mr. McIntire or Mr. Dill.

Miranda Bonner- Mr. Davis and Mr. Salveter. They both made class really enjoyable and I looked forward to attending their class.

Madison Bender- Mr. Salveter. He always made the class fun no matter what the subject. He kept his students engaged and cared about them instead of just sending them off to do assignment after assignment with no instruction. 

Anthony Porter- Sal.

Ryan Gupton- Mr. Salveter, Mr. Wex, Mrs. Frederick, Mr. Rakos, Mr. Dejong these are all great teachers.

Emilio Garcia- Mr. Salveter because he is very funny and entertaining. 

Sergio Copado- Hmm, honestly all my teachers were fire. Though I got irritated at some of them. They made me the person I am today. Shout out to all my teachers. Thank you to all of you. 

Tiffany- I don’t have one, they are all great in their own way.

Griffin McAbery- Mr. Salveter, he brought a certain essence to the classroom that made every student smile and be happy while still being brutally forced to learn.

Savannah Lomen- Either Magee or Stroh, both of them are really good teachers, they make learning fun and their rules for when assignments are due makes life great.

Michael Estes- Salveter, he made class very fun and entertaining while also providing a challenge.

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- I have two favorite teachers, Mr. Wex and Mr. McIntire. Mr. Wex was so engaged with helping us know more about oceanic science, he taught me so many things that I never thought about before. He showed that he cares about all of his students and wants them to succeed. He is very welcoming when you come into his class. Mr. McIntire is another one of my favorites. I had him twice junior year, for English and Yearbook. Junior year English was my favorite because we finally read a book that was interesting to me, called Into the Wild. He was a great teacher to have for Yearbook, he made it fun and made learning the software easy, that’s why I forecasted for Yearbook my senior year and I was asked to be Editor-in-Chief.

Brogan Schemmel- Jon Cohrs because he’s the most honest and straight up. 

Chase Richards- Mr. Felstiner. I think he is a truly underrated teacher. His teaching style may not be conducive to some kids, and the material can definitely be difficult at times, but he is more than willing to take the time and teach you. You can tell that he genuinely wants you to learn.

Mal Wilson- Frederick, she has been my teacher since middle school. She has been in constant support of me and will be a teacher I make sure to always be in touch with every year, especially during the pandemic. 

Randi Vohs- Mr. Chase because he’s funny and helped me with assignments in choir.

Katelyn Gaspard – Ms. Sinclair, Mr. Salveter, Ms. Swoboda, and Ms. Milsted. These teachers were all very welcoming and encouraging. I was excited to attend their classes. Ms. Sinclair specifically I felt I connected to the most. It felt like I had teachers who were on my side and just genuinely wanted to help me succeed. 

Anahi Hernandez- My favorite teacher would probably be Montellano. 

Skyla Harper- Señor Davis is my favorite teacher because he genuinely cares about his students, and he’s super funny.

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- Mr. Davis! I had some rough experiences throughout my freshman year at a different school, and he was a really great reminder of how many great teachers there really are. His class was always the part of the day I looked forward to most, and my friends and I always had a blast. 

Carson Smith- Nick Mato because he was always nice, taught well, and helped me when needed. 

Kelsey Anderson- Alec Chase because he convinced me to join choir and now I can’t imagine life without it.

Zoey Thornton- Salveter. He is a corky teacher and just makes you feel safe and comfortable while also making learning fun. I had him since my sophomore year and no other teacher could beat him.

Hannah Adams- Mr. Davis, always fun to talk to and always had the best attitude and Mr. Salvater, fun to joke around with and act normal around. 

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- All the teachers that I’ve had throughout my years at SHS have been genuinely wonderful, and have gone above and beyond. 

Keianah Weakland- My favorite teachers are Mr. McIntire and Mr. Mato, because they are very kind and push their students to succeed. Mr. Mato has gone out of his way to say hello to me in the hallways, even years after taking his classes. Mr. McIntire has always been enthusiastic and showed his passion toward what he is teaching.

Andrew Jantz – Panula, because he gave me a lot of the things I needed to know to get into the job field I wanted to be in.

McKenna Rattray- Mr. Salveter. Keeps class fun and interesting while teaching. Just an awesome dude.

Elizabeth Tishchenko- Mr. McG is the best teacher. Besides teaching us well, he never made the students feel bad. He often went out of his way to give us help and opportunities. The finals in his class were never stressful, but rather a true way to express our musical abilities and allowed for us to take a break from standard tests. He gave constant praise especially to those struggling with music or those who were losing passion for their art. 

Madison DeGree- Mr. Wex because he was the best biology teacher and he was really funny. 

Owen Bruce- Ms. Pomazi because she is fun.

Jesse Dorr II – Mr. Wex is a respectable teacher and man, I look up to him in many ways. 

Emmily McKinzie- McIntire all the way. His sense of humor and the ability to have a light and fun class period is awesome. However, getting Krispy Kreme donuts before Covid happened definitely earned him some bonus points. 🙂

Christina Popesc- Sal [Mr. Salveter] because he makes everything fun.

Nicholas Olsen- Anouxa Vixathep. 

William Walker- I can’t really remember many teachers and most of them are pretty cool too.

Edward Rogers- Mr.McGlothlin, Mr.Montellano, it’s hard to pick one over the other because they were both very nice and fun teachers to be around.

Michael Zangerle- My favorite SHS teacher would have to be the GOAT Mrs.Grahn, simply because she’s the coolest teacher ever and she gets along with everyone in the school and can easily make anyone laugh and put a smile on your face. 

Jessalynn Weigant- Mr. Magee because we had to deal with each other for two years, and he always had funny jokes.

Angelina Gurney- Wex, because he made learning fun, no matter how random the subject, it was always fun. 

Semele Groce- Salveter, the class vibe was immaculate.

Ryan Weber- Mr. Salveter because it was such a fun class with him and I got a bunch of memes at that class.

Jake Billard- A tie between Salveter and Chase for the sheer amount of how much they care.

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