Seniors: What’s your favorite SHS memory?

Ryan Weber- Coming in early to see friends and hangout in the morning.

Jake Billard- Spending 13 hours a day at the school for five days a week during the fall of 2019.

Kaya Greenfield- Homecoming football games and dance. I like how the themes were always different. 

Andrew Kosderka- Probably the Staff Infection. Or whatever the name for the staff band is. When they perform it’s great.

Jocylyn Yost- The assemblies.

Spencer Ball- Being at school.

Alexis Giusto- The assemblies where all four grades did a volleyball game.  

Miranda Bonner- Doernbecher pageant sophomore year.

Madison Bender- Friday night lights stunting with the cheer team. Flying high above parts of the students section, students yelling and cheering enjoying their night, band playing song after song. The night was filled with nothing but joy.

Anthony Porter-First day of Sal’s class.

Ryan Gupton- Crying in the bathroom.

Emilio- In Mrs. Swoboda’s class we acted out Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene.

Sergio Copado- Sophomore decades or maybe just my classes. I met so many people that made me laugh.

Tiffany Netotea- Going to school with my sister. 

Griffin McAbery- Breaking into Salveter’s room and hiding bags of chips in his room.

Michael Estes- My first time going to a State Competition for Mock Trials.

Madison DeGree Sitting at the table with my friends every morning.

Emmily McKinzie- Sophomore decades my first and sadly last time in decades it was so much fun, I enjoyed every second of it.

Christina Popesc- The band trips. 

William Walker- The times spent with friends. 

Edward Rogers- Ski team and band. 

Michael Zangerle- My favorite memory would have to be going to the volleyball or basketball games and being loud in the student section.

Jessalyn Weigant- My favorite memory was all of the assemblies.

Angelina Gurney- My favorite memory at SHS was the Autoshop in general, diesel days, and having a blast while still doing things productive. 

Semele Groce- Pit Orchestra.

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- My favorite memory was joining the tennis team and traveling to Bend for a tournament, because of that trip all the girls got to know everyone better. It was overall a good time.

Brogan Schemmel- The friends.

Chase Richards- Spending the afternoons hanging out with friends and being teenagers.

Mal Wilson- The day I got to go back to school and see my favorite teachers and friends.

Randi Vohs- Making all my friends.

Katelyn Gaspard- Watching movies with friends during finals week. When I had plenty of time to “study,” it proved to be a great opportunity to hangout with friends and watch Scooby-Doo.

Skyla Harper- Speaking at the Mr. Doernbecher pageant. 

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- The first assembly I went to! I came from a really tiny school (270 in the entire high school) and seeing the way assemblies are done here was crazy.  

Carson Smith- Hanging out with the soccer team after games.

Kelsey Anderson- Joining choir.

Zoey Thornton- Basketball season freshman year. I met my best friend Serrina and we would go get food all the time before practice. 

Hannah Adams- When the band of teachers played at one of the assemblies 

Addy Mackey- Meeting new people my junior year when I first transferred to Sandy.

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- My favorite moments were when I got to talk with my teachers.

Keianah Weakland- Meeting some amazing teachers that truly cared about their students.

Andrew Jantz- Dirt Class.

McKenna Rattray- Going to Disneyland with the band.

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