Seniors will their ‘valuables’ to friends

Elizabeth Tishchenko- I, Elizabeth Tishchenko, leave my appreciation for Russia with Elliot Waterberry. 

Madison DeGree- I, Madison DeGree, leave my friendship skills to Zoe Sears.

Emmily McKinzie- I, Emmily McKinzie, leave my ability to multitask like a champ to Sara McKinzie.

Christina Popesc- I, Christina Popesc, leave my oboe spot to Denali Barrett.

William Walker- I, William Walker, leave to all the freshman gremlins the ability to make some great friends to be weird with.

Michael Zangerle- I, Michael Zangerle, leave school pride and leadership to Ethan Lucore. 

Jessalynn Weigant- I, Jessalynn Weigant, leave my mom skills to Brinna Reynoldson.

Angelina Gurney- I, Angelina Gurney, will leave my awesome ability to make everyone in any class laugh to Austen Gurney.

Ryan Weber- I, Ryan Weber, leave my awesome chemistry skills to Austin Sears.

Jake Billard- I, Jake Billard, leave my musical composition skills to Denali Barrett.

Andrew Kosderka- I, Andrew Kosderka, leave my will to succeed to my brother Matthew.

Jocylyn Yost- I, Jocylyn Yost, leave to all freshmen the ability to do well in your classes and get good grades.

Spencer Ball- I, Spencer Ball, leave my beard up for grabs for any underclassman that wants it.

Alexis Giusto- I, Alexis Giusto, leave my awesome soccer skills to Hadley Cunningham.

Ryan Gupton- I, Ryan Gupton, will leave my watercolor painting of a mushroom to Mr. Salveter.

Sergio Copado- I, Sergio Copado, leave my booth in the cafeteria, maybe some smash skills, and the drive to do it all at the last minute to Wyatt Nelson. 

Tiffany- I, Tiffany, leave that those who walk with God always reach their destination.

Griffin McAbery- I, Griffin McAbery, leave my desire to learn, to focus, and to keep on trying to the 6th grader Hudson Goers.

Michael Estes- I, Michael Estes, leave my amazing therapeutic skills to the 6th grader Hudson Goers.

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- I, Aliyah Diaz de Leon, leave my senior tennis captain spot to Tess Hansen, you will do great things for the team. 

Brogan Schemmel- I, Brogan Schemmel, leave my humor to Cole Rotzien. 

Chase Richards- I, Chase Richards, leave my general engineering luck, resources, and skills to any incoming student who truly wants to make a difference in this world.

Mal Wilson- I, Mal Wilson, leave my good grades to Maegan Wilson.

Anahi Hernandez- I, Anahi Hernandez, leave my unexcused absences to Melissa Smith.

Skyla Harper- I, Skyla Harper, leave my super coolness to Slate and Payton Harper. 

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- I, Sarah McKillip-Stephens, leave my hatred of getting up at 6 a.m. to Becca Tammad. Go forth and enjoy one more year of insanity, while I wake up at a blissful 8 a.m. Godspeed, soldier.

Kelsey Anderson- I, Kelsey Anderson, leave my love and smile with Inanna Vognild.

Zoey Thornton- I, Zoey Thornton, leave my selflessness skills to Matt Suit. I know that he can carry it on and do things for other people the way I did. There’s always people that just need someone to talk to and I was also that person. No person should be mistreated or left alone. I hope that Matt can do the same and change peoples lives. 

Hannah Adams- I, Hannah Adams, leave with you this, please keep up with your work, don’t fall behind to hang out with friends, or go shopping. School should always come first. 

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- I, Samantha Nesta-Arteaga, leave all my long, detailed, and panic-scribbled down unit notes packets to all the future students in the AP US and AP World History classes. 

McKenna Rattray- I, McKenna Rattray, leave my confidence and experience as a softball pitcher to Eris Winchester.

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