Six-word memoirs describe seniors’ experiences

Madison DeGree- “High school memories: Drama filled: life lessons” 

Jesse Dorr- “Covid was really not cool, sigh” 

Emmily McKinzie- “Naruto: Hulu, Season 1, Ep. 23, 11:56”

Christina Popesc- “Appreciate, family, love, happiness, joy, sadness” 

Nicholas Olsen- “It has been a great run” 

William Walker- “I have lost all motivation and cares”

Michael Zangerle- “Ha, Won’t miss you Sandy High” 

Angelina Gurney- “Chaotic, Joy, Won’t end, Then did” 

Semele Grace- “I don’t want to go back”

Ryan Weber- “Fun long time to create something” 

Jake Billard- Learned some things, then forgot them”

Kaya Greenfield- “Oh no! I’m late, it’s over”

Andrew Kosderka- Hard work, Keep grinding, It’s worth” 

Jocylyn Yost- “It will be over in time” 

Spencer Ball- “Online classes, four days a week”

Alexis Giusto- “High school flies by, enjoy!” 

Madison Bender- “Sandy, it’s been a crazy ride” 

Anthony Porter- “Don’t goof off in freshman year” 

Ryan Gupton- “Sandy high school is like

Sergio Copado- “Not gonna lie, where is that?” 

Tiffany Netotea- “Another year different, new people experience”

Griffin McAbery- “Chicken Nuggies Taste Super Duper Good” 

Savannah Lomen- “Heroes get remembered, legends never die” 

Michael Estes- “Sal and Swabs are the best” 

Aliyah Diaz de Leon- “Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer” 

Chase Richards- “Started naïve, grew cautiously, forever changed”

Mal Wilson- “Beware: falling upstairs mentally/physically happens”

Katelyn Gaspard- “Wait what? Oh, okay. Peace out 😛 ”

Skyla Harper- “This was NOT like High School Musical” 

Sarah McKillip-Stephens- “Time flies when you’re losing your mind!” 

Carson Smith- “Exciting, Stressful, Crazy” 

Kelsey Anderson- “Life’s crazy dude, spend time smiling” 

Zoey Thornton- “That’s it; now the next chapter” 

Hannah Adams- “Interesting, fun, talkative, adventurous, weird, and an experience”

Addy Mackey- “The year flashed before my eyes” 

Samantha Nesta-Arteaga- “One choice becomes a million possibilities” 

Keianah Weakland- “High school, not like the movies” 

Andrew Jantz-  “High school is prison, don’t go”

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