Swimmers overcome lack of home pool

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

Swimming can be a challenging sport to participate in at Sandy since there isn’t a pool at the high school.  In fact they have to use Barlow’s pool.  

“The pool is decent.  It’s no five star facility but a pool is a pool and I’m not gonna complain when our school doesn’t even have one,” senior Barry Eaton said.

Swimming, similar to wrestling, has Covid guidelines that are different seeing as though it would be impossible to swim with a mask.

“We have to keep our masks on until we get in the pool, so we take them off when we get in and put them right back on when we get out.  For meets we take plastic bags to our blocks and leave the masks in them while we compete,” junior Audri Kato said.

This year the team is also unable to use locker rooms during practice or meets.

“It’s a bit annoying to have to drive home in a wet suit but really that’s the only other change,” Kato said.  

Having a shortened season is definitely difficult for swimmers.  Training for swimming can take a while so this year’s swimmers are working extra hard.

“It’s very weird, usually we have lots of time to train towards getting a PR.  This year we have to cram an entire season into just a few weeks.  But, with that said we’ve been working and training harder than ever to make up for the lost time,” Eaton said.

Both the girls and boys swimming teams are smaller than normal this year.  The girls team has five swimmers and the boys team has four.  

“We have a lot of people who aren’t doing swim this year who usually do it just because it’s a shortened season and they’re busy with work or other sports,” Kato said.

Even if the teams are smaller than a normal year, the swimmers who came out this year to compete are working as hard as they can to make this season memorable.

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