Wrestling team takes on shortened but demanding season

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

Unlike some of the other sports taking place right now, wrestling is a full contact sport.  So also unlike the other sports, they have specialized rules.

The only time wrestlers have to social distance and wear a mask is when they aren’t wrestling.  While on the mat, all CDC guidelines are forgotten.   

The wrestling season, although short, is very demanding for the team.  The team duals twice a week, which is a lot for wrestling.  

“We dual two times a week, which is a lot.  We even have districts and state this year so we’re really speeding through this season,” sophomore Jamison Davis said.

The team’s next and final dual before districts will take place June 8, at home against Centennial.

The wrestling team is much younger than most of the teams you see at the school.  There are 13 people on the team and 10 are underclassmen, but they don’t let that slow them down.

“This year, we’re still a young team like last year, but we’ve been seeing a lot of success in our duals,” Davis said.

Because the wrestling team is so small, the team has formed a family sort of bond with one another.

“The family aspect of the team is what stands out to me the most this season.  Everyone there is such a tight knit group, and we all get so pumped watching every single person compete,” Davis said

Although fans were never a big part of wrestling, the low spectator numbers have changed a few things.

“We always had lots of fans but it’s really not that different wrestling without them.  When you’re out on the mat you sort of drown out all other sounds except for your coaches.  So honestly it’s probably easier with less fans,” Davis said.

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