OSAA Activity/Athlete Scholars

This award is given to graduating seniors who have earned a varsity letter in an OSAA sanctioned sport or who have participated in an OSAA sanctioned activity (Band, Choir, Dance, Speech, Cheerleading) during their high school career and have a G.P.A. of 3.5 or above.

Brooklyn Adams, Makayla Barton, Chloe Bierbrauer, Jacob Billard, Kyra Child, Dahlia Clemmer, Alison Eslinger, Ma’alo Gaoteote. Semele Groce, Evin Hagemann,, Andrew Hokanson, Molly Izer, Andrew Kosderka, Alexander Krempasky, Peyton Le Cornu, Savannah Lomen, Haylee Lutz, Griffin McAbery, Jaclyn McCrea, Grace McGlothin,     Emmily McKinzie, Nicholas Olsen, McKenna Rattray, Josiah Rothwell, Shilo Scott, Carson Smith, Dora Smith, Phoenix Steele, Zachary Taylor, Annika Traxler, Noah Winans, Aiden Wright

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