Advisory expands to four days

Rebekah Harrell

This school year, the Administration changed Advisory class from one day a week to four days in order to help kids grow stronger relationships with their Advisory classmates and teachers.

“My big push this year was to make Advisory not be another class, I wanted it to be something that looks different, feels different, and is not a burden to students,” Senior Advisory Team Member Rob McGlothin said.

Advisory is a time where students should have time to create bonds with their teachers and peers. Students have the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, and academically. This class gives students the guidance they need to succeed in high school and in their future careers.

“We used the time in Advisory to really be there for kids because we knew that there had been social and emotional stress on kids. We wanted to help kids feel more connected to school and feel connected with one another,” Vice-Principal Fred Trosko said.

This year Advisory focuses more on the development of students not the grade. Overall, students need to attend the class and participate, but students will be setting goals and evaluating themselves on a weekly basis on those goals.

“If we can find the places where people can find relevance in Advisory and are willing to participate we can find joyfulness in Advisory,” McGlothin said.

The staff had many meetings this past summer to discuss what content they wanted to teach during the class period. One of the things they all agreed on was an academic support time where teachers were available to assist in Edgenuity courses. This time is also important because many students needed to take credit recovery classes this year due to the online platform.

“We also knew that some students, particularly the younger grades, would be in some serious credit deficits and so we wanted to add some academic components to Advisory,” Trosko said.

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