Drivers Ed worth the tedium

Laila Ramirez
Staff Writer

Driving, the skill most teens consider fun or a sign of growing older and more mature has more to it than you may think.

Teens can begin their driving experiences in the state of Oregon at age 15, earning their provisional permit after successfully completing the 35 question knowledge test. Then they may move on to earning their provisional license after either completing an approved Oregon Department of Transportation drivers education program or taking the behind the wheel test and knowledge with the Department of Motor Vehicles. For some students, often at the insistence of their parents, driver’s education is a must before getting their license, but for many students it’s not of any interest. 

According to the Oregon DMV, statistics show that drivers education helps reduce the number of teen crashes in Oregon and can help improve a number of skills such as driver attentiveness, confidence, and knowledge on the road. 

“I would not be the driver I am today if I didn’t take it because it gave me so much confidence and it made me want to actually drive more,” junior Maddie Jones says. 

Drivers education should be required for all students wishing to receive their licenses. Though it may not be discussed frequently, there are a number of ODOT approved drivers education courses in close proximity for newly permitted drivers. A few of them include Pacific Driver Education located in Gresham, 1st Learn to Drive located in Clackamas, and Reynolds/MHCC Driver Education located in Troutdale. 

What does an ODOT approved program really mean? 

An ODOT approved Drivers Ed course is a program approved by the Oregon Department of Transportation and includes 33 hours of classroom instruction including the approved curriculum along with 12 behind-the-wheel training hours with certified driving instructors. 

Though the program itself is tedious and may have you complaining on your way out the door or while you’re logging onto the zoom meeting, teens that complete driver’s education are better equipped to make safe decisions on the road and help keep others around them safe. 

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