Lockett returns to SHS to reconnect with students

Rebekah Harrell

If there is one thing that Wade Lockett loves most about his job it is his interaction with students.

Lockett taught for 11 years at SHS before becoming the Athletic Director and Vice-Principal at Sherwood High School. After just a year of being the Vice-Principal he was promoted and became the Principal for another three years. After this grand adventure he returned to SHS in November of 2020.

“Both my wife and I grew up in the valley and we both had this dream of coming home at some point, so here we are,” Lockett said.

Lockett’s true passion is working with students. You can often find him in the halls talking to students. He also helps coach the varsity football team.

“What I really like about my job is that it gives me more opportunities to work directly with students,” Lockett said.

Lockett’s job title changes depending on whom you ask. To some he is a Graduation Coach and to others he is an Academic Coach. His position and program is still being shaped and defined throughout the next year.

“Right now it is really about meeting students where they are at and trying to find ways and resources to help all students succeed,” Lockett said.

He has many goals that he would like to accomplish throughout this year. The main goal is to help students succeed in school academically and socially. He also plans to attend as many student clubs and activities as he can in order to meet as many students as he can.

“The goal for me this year is to get a system put together and to get to know as many students as I possibly can,” Lockett said.

Lockett has returned home to SHS in order to build close bonds with students in order to motivate all students to learn and grow. Lockett is also motivated to help all the students at SHS succeed, while also building a program that will help benefit students for years to come. 

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