Pio Pack superfans are back

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

With last year’s Covid sports season, student sections were limited, but now that fans are back, the varsity student sections are in full force.  

Volleyball and football have been to key points for the rising school spirit.

“I feel like the student section is more hyped than they have been before because we’re trying and wanting to have more school spirit than those in the past,” sophomore Abby Perez said.

Now each sport has its own set of die hard fans, but junior Landon Davis stands out more than most.  In the students interviewed 80% said that Davis was the school’s biggest super fan.

“Landon Davis is probably the biggest super fan because he’s not only in the stands for football, he’s there for volleyball and is always super loud,” Perez said.

“Becoming a super fan wasn’t how I imagined my high school career going.  When I see my friends, girlfriend and sister giving it there all it makes it impossible to not support them,” Davis said.

Another big part of the student sections this year is athletes supporting athletes.  The entire varsity volleyball team always shows up at the home football games; many of the football boys can be seen showing up at the varsity volleyball games as well.

“Considering I’m not in the football section, I think the volleyball student section is more hype because our chants are really together,” senior Connor Autry said.

As far as volleyball goes, the girls plan to show up for every game, rain or shine.

“One theme I’m really excited for is beach out!  I also always love pink out night.  Even then the theme doesn’t matter too much. I just think it’s fun to participate in school events and have school spirit,” junior Lily Wolf says.  

Although the volleyball team has a solid student section, football’s might need a little work.

“Not everyone is cheering in the student section, and in my opinion if you’re in the student section you need to be cheering!  It’s not embarrassing at all and it makes games more fun,” senior Paige Carey said.             In the past, going to cheer on your team was under-appreciated but now, after Covid, students are ready to make up for the year of cheering that they lost.

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