Red Shed reopens with expanded menu

Ty Tilden
Staff Writer

After a long-awaited kitchen remodel, the Red Shed Public House reopened in early September with a new expanded menu. While specializing in barbecue dishes, Red Shed has diversified its menu and provides a competitive range of items. 

When approaching the downtown Sandy location, one finds a modest exterior boasting a large patio with comfortable seating and covered sections to the east. There’s also a shed to the west with a large meat-smoker. 

Upon entering the establishment, one is welcomed to the familiar and comfortable traditional pub atmosphere. The floors and tables were clean, though some remnants were still present following the recent remodel. As expected, brick and wood accents surround leatherette booths with dim lighting. 

Service was friendly and efficient, though staff insisted that we needn’t wear masks upon entering; take this as you will.  The wait time following placing the order was reasonably timely. 

The new menu, although fairly limited and “traditionally American” offered plentiful barbecue options, a bountiful plethora of side dishes, and significantly improved vegetarian options. Some of the more notable additions to the menu include a variety of burgers with various toppings such as eggs, jalapenos, and mushrooms. There was also the addition fish and chips, wings of various flavors, and a BLTA.

I elected to order the aptly named Red Shed Sandwich with their signature pulled pork (they were out of brisket). I was immediately met with a simple presentation of the sandwich atop checkered wax paper in a plastic basket, with fries piled in on the side. 

The bun was disappointingly mushy and thin, lacking flavor or personality. The coleslaw complemented the smoky meat quite well. It was wonderfully tangy, crunchy, and moist. For the $13 price tag, I found it to be of acceptable value. The portion size was enough to be filling and the quality was reasonable.

The table included two varieties of barbecue sauces. One was labeled “Traditional” and the other “Blueberry Habanero.” I found the traditional sauce to be far too sweet. The blueberry habanero was excellent with a wonderful combination of warm peppery heat and subtly fruity blueberry flavor. 

Some details didn’t live up to high expectations, but overall, Red Shed makes a great family meal with options to please even the most particular eaters.

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