Sandy Actor’s Theatre reopens with ‘Dead to the Last Drop’

Vinny White
Staff Writer

Some may know Sandy Actor’s Theatre (SAT) as the corner you drive by on your way to Ace Hardware, but others, the people who dare venture into the small 98-seat theatre will know that it is a cost effective, non-profit center of acting that provides leagues of entertainment and fun.

The Sandy Actor’s Theatre originally opened in 1978 and has been a staple of the Sandy community for decades, but, like everything, that changed when the lockdowns hit. While they still managed to provide some community interaction, like live first readings in the park, to give people previews of a play to eventually come, their summer youth camp had to be put on hold, ongoing productions cancelled, and all future shows put on an indefinite hold.

Now, after over a year of lockdowns, they have gotten through it with their rendition of “Dead to the Last Drop” Opening their first show on Sept. 24, SAT has finally gotten back into the swing of things.

“We’ve been through so much in the last year and a half, so much misery and sadness and all this drama that we wanted people to be able to come to the theatre and leave all that stuff behind for a few hours.” director, board member, and actor Jim Lamproe said.

The theatre has been aiming for more fun, happy stories to combat this sadness, and people have been very open to it. “People are coming in and expressing their appreciation for being open,” board member Steve Morrow said.

People being happy with their productions is very important as donations and sponsorships are a key part of their business. Money is tight, but once you sit down and watch a show that becomes barely noticeable. The actors, being paid in only a resume entry, still put a lot of effort into their performance. Coming from Portland, Gresham, Welches, and more, the actors and behind the scenes people really give it their all.

This is especially evident in “Dead to the Last Drop”, a play that revolves around audience participation, at one point making the audience interrupt and yell at the actors and correct them (for what reason I won’t spoil). “I was not sure how people we going to react to the show,” Lamproe said. “But, people get into it. They go off with it.”

“Dead to the Last Drop” has been a success in most regards, and will continue to be as long as the Sandy community continues to support it.

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