Students enjoy late start time

Nerisa Olomua
Staff Writer

With coming back to in-person learning, students have been greeted with a long awaited later start time.

In previous years, classes started at 7:45 a.m. This year teachers have a common prep period in the morning and class doesn’t start until 8:40 a.m.

As students returned to the classroom, a new schedule was needed to adapt to this year’s guidelines. “Last year we had to create a schedule that accommodated learning from home, so this year when we had students back, it seemed like a really good opportunity to figure out what was working and what wasn’t,” Principal Sarah Dorn said.

With input from multiple sources, the late start time decision was made. “It was definitely everyone from the district office, teachers, parents, staff, all hands were on board for this,” Dorn said.

As for the teachers and staff, it seems to be beneficial for them as well. “I think teachers really appreciate the later start time because they have time to get things done in the morning, and I think they appreciate that time to meet with their colleagues,” she said.

Considering students, the benefit of more sleep is a major factor, “I think any time if you ask a teenager if they want a later start time, so they can sleep more the answer is going to be yes!” Dorn said.

Students are taking advantage of the later start time. “It’s nice being able to get more sleep before having to go to school in the morning and I feel like I’m a lot more focused in the morning, like for first period especially,” junior Emily Smelser said.

The administration tried to keep student’s sleep schedules in mind. ”With the increased use of social media and activities, teenagers are staying up later,” Dorn said. The later start gives students more time for sleep and strives for productivity in students.

“It has made me much more productive in school, I think it’s because I get more sleep,” junior Hannah Jones agreed. As well as giving students more time to sleep, “It gives me time to go pick up friends and spend time with them in the morning,” she said. 

In comparison to last year’s start time students seem to enjoy the hour difference.   “Much better than last school year, it’s nice having extra time in the morning. I feel like I have so much more energy in the morning now,” junior Hannah Jones said.  

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