Block schedule affects Leadership’s communication

Nerisa Olomua
Staff Writer

The Leadership class at SHS has learned to function differently than previous years.

The block schedule only allows Leadership to meet for two full periods a week, making it more difficult to get projects done. “With the block schedule it’s a little bit harder because Leadership usually meets every day,” ASB President Ashley Allinger said.

The longer periods benefit the Leadership class to get things done, but for time sensitive projects it may be a challenge. “For the block schedule there are days where we wish we had this class every single day,” Leadership teacher Andrea Miller said.

 As well as having no assemblies this year, the leadership team communicates with students virtually rather than in person. “We’ve had our ups and downs, given a lot of things have to be virtual,” Allinger said.

Not having in school activities makes it harder for Leadership to make connections with students. “It’s really hard with Covid, like I said it’s more distant with students,” Leadership student Grace Lucky said.

Guidelines and other circumstances make it difficult for students to get involved in school-related activities. “I think kids react better and it’s easier to get involved when it is in-person,” Miller said.

With such big changes, students don’t have the same communication with the student body compared to years before. “As far as assemblies go, getting things done virtually is fine, it’s just not as interactive and I don’t think students enjoy it as much as being in person,” Miller said.

The leadership team continues to strive for student connection even with the circumstances. “Our leadership group is doing a great job of trying to come up with activities that stay within the guidelines that we get students involved with,” Miller said.

Even with all the ups and downs, Leadership is trying their best to improve their communication and connections with the student body. “I think that once we do open up a little bit and get to start things we’ll have a lot to offer to our school,” Allinger said.

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