Crumbl Cookie provides sweet treats

Nicole Wright
Staff Writer

The perfect combination of flour, sugar and heaven makes up Crumbl Cookie. 

Co-founder Jason McGown and Sawyer Hemsley, wanted to step up the cookie industry. So in 2017, they opened a shop in Utah. After growing rapidly, they now have over 246 bakeries nationwide, including one 18 miles from Sandy across from Clackamas Town Center.

Photo by Nicole Wright

Crumbl offers four different cookie flavors weekly along with their signature award-winning milk chocolate chip and pink chilled sugar cookie. These rotating flavors are inspired by popular flavors, foods, pies, cakes, candies and more.

“I love Crumbl’s creativity because you never get tired of their flavors. I’ve probably tried 10 different flavors of their cookies and the Heath candy bar is definitely my favorite. It’s a chocolate base with whipped cream, caramel and Heath bits on top. So delicious,” junior Grace McKinney said.

These giant cookies are usually $4 each and perfect for sharing. Although they do get cheaper when you buy multiple at once. They also offer their own homemade ice cream, called “Crumbl Cream.” The flavors include lemon poppy seed, biscoff, churro, muddy buddy and raspberry cheesecake. 

Crumbl’s presentation is always jaw dropping. They come in a cute, simple pink box and inside are perfectly decorated cookies. 

All of their bakeries have an open view of them making their cookies. So you can always count on getting the freshest cookie, whether it’s chilled or warm.

Out of the dozens of flavors I have tried, pink velvet has definitely been my favorite. It has a soft cake batter base with fluffy cream cheese frosting and pink velvet crumbs on top. There’s plenty more that I would love to try and could possibly be new favorites, which is why I love their rotating menu.

Math teacher Kayla Grahn is a big Crumbl fan. “I love their consistency and change. I’ve tried about 25 different flavors, but the old-fashioned doughnut is life changing, you also can never go wrong with their sugar cookie,” Grahn said.

I do think they can improve on adding some gluten free and dairy free options to their menu for people with allergies, but overtime, I’m sure they will as they grow.

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