District title is wrestlers’ goal

Nerisa Olomua
Staff Writer

Like the other winter sports, the wrestling team is picking up where they left after the short season last year. With last year’s season being pushed back into spring, the team is coming back with a larger team and positive attitudes.

The previous season only lasted six weeks and they were unable to do tournaments. “This is probably the most excited I’ve been for a season to begin again. I am ready to be back into a regular season,” head coach Bryce Reisnaur said.

Getting back to normal, the team is excited for a longer season. “This season is different because we will have several months to develop and grow as a team, rather than just six weeks,” Reisnaur said. 

Fewer restrictions opens up more opportunities for the team as well. “We should have three to four times as many matches this season when compared to last,” Reisnaur said. 

There are 35 wrestlers in total on the team this year. “I have 17 returning student athletes, with nine of them being returning State Qualifiers,” he said. 

Doubling in numbers from last year, the size of the team has brought them together. “I’m really pumped about the season, just because everyone came back and having that brotherhood again. It’s the tightest sport I’ve been a part of,” junior wrestler Jamison Davis said. 

Gaining more participants has made the team bond even closer. “It’s just more people to have in the family, we’re all super tight. Smiles are on our faces the whole time,” Davis said. 

Looking ahead, the wrestling team has set big goals for the coming season. “Our team goals for this season are to go undefeated in league duals, win a district title, and place top 10 in state. The most important of these goals is to win a district title,” Reisnaur said.

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