Fall teams finish up ‘normal’ season

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

As the fall sports season comes to an end, athletes looked back on their season full of memories.  Good or bad season, athletes were thankful to be back to a more normalized season.

“This year’s full season made up for last year’s weird year by just letting us play.  We got to live up to the game and prove to people that we are a good team,” junior football player Gabe Rhue said.

Photo by Gillian Moore

This year’s football team was able to make it to the playoffs, and although they lost in the first round, they finished the season with a winning record of 7-3.

“This was actually one of the best years in my whole football career so far, we played hard the whole year and ended with the best record we’ve ever had in a while,” Rhue said.  

Football was the only Sandy sport this season with a winning record.  But, that doesn’t mean the other sports had a bad season.

“We had a rocky start this season with some losses and a couple ties, but towards the middle we started to win games.  By the end our team felt a lot stronger, even if we were still losing games,” junior soccer player Colin Givens said.

The boys soccer team finished with a final record of 4-7-3.  Even though the season didn’t look as successful as some of them hoped, their coach made sure to make the season memorable.

“One time we had no team bus because of a shortage so Mr. Montellano drove us in a van to Beaverton.  On the way back we got to stop at Chick-fil-A and it became a great bonding experience.  It definitely became a core memory for me,” Givens said.

The girls soccer team also had a tough season record-wise.  Similar to the boys, they missed the playoffs, finishing the season with a record of 3-8-3.

Photo by Gillian Moore

“We had some struggles through this season but no matter the outcome we would still keep working as a team.  I’m just so grateful I got to play with this group of girls,” senior Citlaly Soto said.

The volleyball team also struggled compared to previous years.  This year’s team finished 7-13.

“It was a very slow season with finding the connection we needed on the court.  It took lots of failure plus lots of trial and error to figure out what worked as a team successfully,” senior Emma Hall said.

Photo by Gillian Moore

Even with a less successful season than recent years, finding the joy in the positives is always important.

“I created many friendships that will last past high school and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Hall said.

This year’s water polo season has regained a rule that made last year’s water polo season much harder.

“Last year we weren’t allowed to touch the other players.  Imagine playing a contact sport but you can’t touch the other players,” senior Ella Davis said.

Water polo can be an interesting sport since it’s not a part of OSAA.  Competing on the water polo team is more like a club.

“My favorite memory from water polo was flop Friday.  Every Friday we’d all have to belly flop into the pool,” Davis said

Cross country was also able to unmask this year while running, compared to last year’s double mask mandate.

Photo by Ty Tilden

“Running this year was more fun than the last year because it felt like everything we lost was finally back,” junior Isaias Carrillo.

Overall athletes were excited to have a full length regular season back this year.

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