Girls basketball team looks forward to having ‘normal’ season

Michelle Valencia
Staff Writer

Over the past year and a half of school, a lot has been affected and changed due to the uncertainty of what Covid-19 has brought us. Not only did it greatly impact students that were actively trying to learn but also students who participate in school sports. 

This year, the girls are anticipating and preparing to have a semi-normal season after all the changes that have occurred. 

Photo by Gillian Moore

“I am excited for season to finally start. I think that with the season having fewer restrictions, our team will be able to grow and come together more because through all the restrictions we weren’t really allowed to be together,” junior Madison Jones said. 

Tryouts began on Nov. 15. The returning girls are anticipating more players and new faces to join the team. Overall, the players are excited to get back into motion and begin their 2021-2022 season. 

“I think that this year’s tryouts will have a lot of girls. Last year there weren’t many at all. There was a very small number of people due to all the restrictions that Covid brought us. However, this season even just at the workouts, there have been at least 40 girls,” senior Bella Davis said.

Although there appears to be many new faces coming to the workouts and open gyms, there are many returning players due to there only being two graduating seniors during last year’s season. 

“The returning players have been talking to coach about this year’s season. He says, we’re going to have a very old varsity team this year, which mostly consists of seniors and juniors. Also pretty sure there will be more cuts than every prior year because not many seniors left last year and I’m seeing a bunch of younger players come play,” junior Grace Lucky said.

Players are excitedly looking forward to starting their games due to spectators and fans finally being able to attend once more.

“I am excited to see fans make a comeback at our games, it’s what hypes you up and it keeps you performing your best, overall it just keeps me motivated. I also know that for some girls, the crowd really matters to them. I just think it’s going to be way better than last year’s season. It’ll be a way better atmosphere with higher energy,” Jones said.  

While some players are ready to enjoy playing yet another season, some are preparing to say a final goodbye to their last season of school ball. 

“I’m looking forward to play this season, it’ll be my junior season and so far I’m really enjoying it. I enjoy the people I play with. There’s a bunch of friendships that I’ve made because of it. We’re more like a family than a team, which is a very basic thing to say, but I take that to heart,” Lucky said.

On the other hand, some girls are looking forward for their last season.

“I’m going all out for my senior year, so I’m pretty excited. I’m sad that this will be some of the last of my school ball experience but I think it’ll be a good year,” Davis said. Although the season is yet again not a normal basketball season, the players can’t seem to wait for the season to officially start.

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