Reinecke uses curiosity, inclusivity to drive her students

Nerisa Olomua
Staff Writer

“I don’t really believe in right and wrong, I believe in different and I believe that there’s beauty in difference,” English teacher Kate Reinecke said. 

Reinecke is in her first year of teaching at SHS, she teaches Junior and Freshman English. Recently moving into Sandy, she was excited for new beginnings. “I’m excited, also nervous but I feel like this was just exactly what I needed!” she said.

Before Reinecke starting teaching, she had a number of different jobs. “My favorite job was while I was in grad school- I was the ski girl at U.S. Outdoor store. Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had at a job,” she said. 

She has always had a passion for teaching and educating. “I wanted to become a teacher because I hope to impact teenagers before they become adults,” she said. 

Education has always been important to Reinecke. “I am the first woman in my family to go to college and I’m the first person in my family to have a master’s degree,” she said.

Students enjoy the high energy and open communication in Reineke’s classroom. “It feels like you’re at home, she makes you feel really included, so it just feels nice being in that class,” junior Jamison Davis said.

The high inclusivity and open classroom discussion encourages students to get involved in the conversation, as well as Reineke’s participation. “She actually really interacts with you, she joins in on the discussion. Rather than leading a discussion, she’s part of it as well,” Davis said.                  

Making an effort to see different perspectives, Reineke prioritizes learning and compassion in their classroom. “My hope is that learning can be led by joy and curiosity and compassion,” Reineke said. 

While being so new to the district, Reinecke still strives to make an impact on all of their students. “It feels like an open space in her classroom, she makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome and I really appreciate that!” junior Abbigail McAulay said. 

Reinecke’s priority in her students’ learning shows the passion she has for education. “We should plant seeds of curiosity and critical thinking, that’s what I want to do,” she said. 

Reinecke’s own curiosity has guided her life. She has lived in Oregon most of her life “and I still have so much to explore!”

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