Stress weighs on students learning in the classroom

Rebekah Harrell

Distance learning was stressful for many students, but does returning to in-person school cause more burdens and stress?

When students went online in March of 2020, many people had difficulty adapting to distance learning. Students tried to keep up, but faced many educational barriers like understanding assignments, technological difficulties, and taking responsibility for their work. Many students struggled to keep up due to the stress and anxiety distance learning caused, but transferring back to in-person school has also taken its toll on students.

“Most students and teachers felt really disconnected last year and we are all trying to adjust to being back in-person. Social anxiety has had a big impact on some students with coming back to school,” school psychologist Molly Vickers said.

Moving back into the classroom has been difficult for many students because of the major changes due to COVID-19. Students and teachers alike are trying to continue on as “normal” and act like they are not experiencing a life changing event. With all the changes that have happened these past couple years, stress is very valid and normal in these types of situations.

“It is all just a very big adjustment. We want to be moving back toward our normal before March of 2020, but everything is still not normal. I think the expectation can kind of create some stress and anxiety in students,” Vickers said.

With all the stress and anxiety students have been feeling there are a few simple ways to lower stress levels. One is taking time each day to do some sort of self-care whether that is taking a hot bath or a nice nap. Most people are feeling the pressure to return to things as normal, but it is okay to feel stressed.

“Making time every day to do just a small part of self-care is huge. Teenagers can get caught up in the digital world so intently taking time away from screens can be very beneficial,” Vickers said.

While some people may love in-person learning, it has definitely caused stress for other students. Depending on your personality it has affected everyone different. With all of this it is important to remember all of the resources available at SHS such as the School Based Heath Center, counselors, and teachers.

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