Students balance in-person learning and Edgenuity

Nicole Wright
Staff Writer

Does Edgenuity cause more stress than needed? There are many pros and cons to having a class through Edgenuity. The option of going at your own pace is convenient, but learning virtually can become a struggle. Students easily become stressed with the amount of homework being assigned daily. Additionally, having to deal with an entire class separate at home, can heighten stress levels.

Cartoon by Cinthya Bautista

“This year we had to compromise with adding an online class to work with our new block schedule while still getting seven credits as usual. This has turned into being a stress reliever for some and a struggle for others. Students have the opportunity to do the class whenever and wherever. But if you don’t have good internet at home or dislike learning through a screen, then it might be tough,” counselor Cathy Callaway said. 

Resources are needed outside of school for students to work on their Edgenuity class. It’s something you must work on during your own time daily.

“I have Health for my Edgenuity class. Although I am on target, it is still very stressful to know there’s something you have to do everyday or else you’ll get behind. It’s also very boring without the social aspect, making it hard to find motivation,” sophomore Abby Perez said.

Some students seem to manage their time for Edgenuity, but others with more outside responsibilities or lack of drive seem to encounter more obstacles keeping up with their class.

“Students have shown that they don’t share just one strategy.  Some set aside 40-60 minutes each day, some set a record pace and finish their class(es) in the first month of school, and some wait until the very end of the semester (which can be incredibly stressful and risk not receiving credit).  Different factors impact individual students. Many juniors and seniors also balance jobs with everything else on their schedules,” teacher Josh Hodney said.

Finding balance between your schoolwork and your Edgenuity class is a new problem. Students don’t get to interact with a teacher for their Edgenuity class, making it easy to put off homework.

“I’ve realized not having a teacher to push me, has made me struggle with my Edgenuity. I’m in Business and only about 20 percent complete. It’s been the only class I seem to struggle with because I have to prioritize my in-person classes first,” junior Gavin Baillie said.

Time and motivation are the biggest struggles with doing an entire class on your own. The negatives seem to overweigh the positives for having an Edgenuity class outside of school for students.

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