Swimmers ready for both physical and mental challenges

Vinny White
Staff Writer

Swimming, like every other sport, had a modified season last year. Sports like football came back in full force in both quality of play and popularity, but for others like swimming it has been a far more arduous journey.

“The team’s going to get a lot more competitive and get a lot more training that we didn’t get last year,” junior Laila Ramirez said.

Last year the team only got a six-week season instead of the usual three months, so this year is back to normal. Even with a regular season, swimming still hasn’t overcome the problem of notability in the public eye.

“I don’t think out swim team gets enough credit to be fully honest. It’s overlooked and many even consider it not a sport,” sophomore Ruby Paulsen said.

This problem is only further amplified with the team having to train at Barlow. This isn’t entirely a bad thing as some, like Ramirez, enjoy the lack of pressure. “I don’t really like people being there. It’s nice,” she said.

Even though swimming is often treated as a side sport as sophomore Bailey Newell put it, the people on the team still have lots have fun and are a tight bunch. “I absolutely love the atmosphere and my coaches. The sport is so welcoming and full of encouragement,” Newell said.

Swimming is a tough sport, and it takes a lot of grit and determination to succeed in it.

“I find it very difficult. Swimming requires strength and conditioning that is different then what you would find in sports out of the water,” Paulsen said

And it’s not just physical either “Swim team is definitely a mentally challenging sport, you are up against yourself and your previous PR,” Newell said.

Even with all the problems and difficulties that halter the swim team, people are still joining, and they enjoy it. The first meet will be hosted by David Douglas on Dec. 9.

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