Fashion choices help build confidence

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

The way a person dresses can be a way that they express themselves or gain confidence.  Dressing the way they want is the most important thing because it makes them happy.

“I like feeling good about what I’m wearing, and my style is a big part of what makes me feel,” senior Chloe Cobos said.

When your outfits are one of the things you put the most effort into, getting compliments can raise your confidence.

“My style gives me confidence 100 percent.  It’s my style so when I get compliments it definitely builds my confidence,” junior Finnegan Kling said. 

Being confident with your style isn’t always an easy task however.  While attempting to find a style that fits your personality you will go through trial and error and unwanted comments.

“I think our school can have a big problem with accepting things that are different or unusual, that includes the people who dress ‘strange’ or in ways that the majority doesn’t,” Cobos said.

Stepping into the world of personalized style can start at any time, but the pandemic that started in March 2020 gave people time to find it.

“Quarantine helped me have time to play with my style.  My style is like a tree in a way, always evolving and changing.  Now, it’s always the same tree but it goes through different seasons,” Kling said.

Dressing for yourself also comes with searching for stores you know have clothes you like.

“I shop at thrift stores.  It’s taken a couple years, but nearly all of my clothes are either bought from small businesses or thrift stores.  If I had to pick, ‘Red White and Blue Vintage’ is my favorite,” Cobos said. 

Although fashion has trends and models walking through the always revolving door, finding a style unique to you is something that can’t be taken from you.

“I like doing what makes me feel good.  If I see something I like with fashion trend I do it, if it’s something that looks stupid to me I don’t,” Kling said. When you dress for yourself the only person whose opinion matters is you.  You get to decide if you want to dress on a trend, a throwback or something completely new because it’s all for you.

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