Independent Instagram accounts crop up at Sandy High

Michelle Valencia
Staff Writer

School-related Instagram accounts have been the new sensation. Sandy High has not failed to live up to this trend. Now with at least 10 varying Instagram accounts, SHS students and staff are all trying to keep up with them to see what other accounts are newly made and what is being posted next.

These types of accounts tend to post photos and videos of a wide variety of things and or people at their school. 

Though SHS has a growing number of accounts, there are four main ones that have gained rapid popularity among students, Shspioneers, Shs_meme_plug, Piopicss and Pioneerfits. 

Shspioneers was created by Sandy administrators and leadership students at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and was used as a way to communicate to students at home. Since the return of students, the account has been posting photos of students, events and updates. Things like spirit days photos, sports game crowds, important student information and much more are on the account. 

All the other accounts are run and controlled solely by students independent of the school.

The most popular account is Shs_meme_plug with over 1,000 followers. This account was made in early 2019 making it the first account related to SHS. The account posts comical posts that relate to students and the school. The identity of the owners of the account remain unknown to this date. 

A student favorite, Piopicss is one of the most interactive accounts among students. The account posts a “photo dump” style of photos and videos of both people and things that are happening at school as well as polls and contests for students to enjoy. Activity on this account began rising at the start of this new school year after being created by two juniors, Lily Wolf and Brooke Womack. This inspired the growth in Pioneer instagram accounts for Sandy. 

“I honestly love that there has been a surge of accounts being made for Sandy. Piopicss post what we think students want to see during the school day. In a way we are using the account as a scrapbook for what happens in school,” junior Lily Wolf said. 

A similar account has recently been made, Pioneerfits focuses on giving fashion inspiration from what students wear. The purpose of the account is to showcase different styles of clothing around the school and compliment both teachers and students. The owner of the account has remained anonymous. 

“The idea to make Pioneerfits surfaced because of several other schools like Barlow having multiple Instagram accounts for their school. The account is lighthearted and made so the students feel more connected,” the Pioneerfits creator said. 

While most of the creators of these accounts have decided to remain anonymous, Piopicss is loud and proud with who the owners are. 

“We wanted to keep our identity a secret but we were being very evident of who we were by posting ourselves constantly on the account. So it didn’t take long for people to figure out it was Brooke and I,” Wolf said.

As the accounts continue to thrive, Sandy students continue to hit the like and follow button on these accounts.

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