PDMC produces ‘Family Feud’

Rebekah Harrell

After being shut down from filming and producing live sporting events, the Pioneer Digital Media Club started to brainstorm different ideas and they decided on one new project- Family Feud.

Family Feud is a gameshow that many people are familiar with. The Pioneer Digital Media Club have created a spin-off version about Sandy High School. Students competed based on their graduating class. Senior Devon Yoder served as the show host.

Sandy Feud contestants ponder a question.

“I think the most fun part about being the host was how much energy and improvisation was involved. At the same time, that also made it a bit more challenging, but it made for an experience I’ve never really been a part of before, and that’s what made it so much fun,” Yoder said.

The Digital Media Club created a survey and passed it out to SHS students asking them to fill out the questions. These answers were used on the show to ask contestants.

“One interesting thing we had to do was survey the student body to get answers to the questions we wrote, and that was an interesting process. We had to be a little secretive about it because we didn’t want everyone to know what we were doing yet,” Advisor Andrew Schaffer said. “So we made very simple flyers with a QR code and passed them out at lunch. We kept it pretty vague so people didn’t know what was coming. I didn’t want potential contestants to talk about their answers and come into the game with an idea of what questions would be asked.”

The Pioneer Digital Media Club was involved in the filming, game designing, casting director, producers, and much more. The production was the first big show that the club produced.

“This is our first major production that we handled start-to-finish, and it went really well. I think it fired up our club members, they’re very excited to move on to our next project. I also think it’s been good for school spirit, we’ve got a lot of views and people have been talking about it. And I think that’s awesome,” Schaffer said.

The show was produced by over 20 people and 20 more student consultants. It took over four hours to film each episode.

“Almost all of the filming was done in one long, nearly 4-hour long session, and then the first episode premiered a couple weeks later,” Yoder said.

The final episode came out on Dec. 16where the finalist competed for the final prize. You can watch the full series on PioneerTV.net.

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