Students eager for in-person assemblies

Rebekah Harrell

Assemblies have a long tradition at Sandy High School, but all of that came to a halt due to COVID-19. As the year progresses, many people wonder when will assemblies return?

“Leadership hopes to do an in-person assembly this year but we don’t have much say in this. With all the restrictions and regulations, it has been hard to do anything let alone an assembly,” ASB President Ashley Allinger said.

In the past, assemblies have been fun-filled events that help the students come together to celebrate things such as Homecoming and the annual canned food drive. But COVID-19 has made things more difficult, so Leadership has been recording videos for the student body, reminding them of all the important things coming up.

“We have tried a few different ways, one of which was the recorded assemblies but they get super repetitive and it is not easy to grab an audience’s attention through a screen,” Allinger said.

Assemblies bring the SHS community together to celebrate. Leadership is working hard to find alternative ways to unite the school even with no assemblies.

“We have talked about doing a senior only assembly just to minimize numbers and people in one area but we have yet to get everyone to agree. I think it is possible and it is something that our Leadership class has been pushing for. We hope to get assemblies back at some point this year. We are trying everything we can to get there and I think we are making progress towards this goal,” Allinger said.

Students have suggested that there are many ways to make assemblies work this year. For example, having two separate assemblies and splitting the grades into freshman and sophomore and then junior and senior. With two separate assemblies, it would give students enough space to social distance. 

Another suggestion is that they could rotate between having in-person assemblies by class. First, they would have seniors, and then for the next assembly junior and so on.

One thing is for sure, students want to see the return of school assemblies.

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