Wrestlers prepare for busy tournament and dual meet season

Gillian Moore
Staff Writer

“It’s a powerful feeling when you beat someone because it’s like dominating your will over their’s,” senior Mikey Platz said about winning a wrestling match.

Wrestling is not only focused on winning, it’s also about creating a close and family-like environment. 

 Alongside her brother, sophomore Ayla Platz also enjoys the team environment, even though she is the only girl on the team. “We’re family in there, and the guys don’t treat me any differently, and they’re like my brothers,” Ayla Platz said. 

The Platz siblings were not the only ones to comment on the environment the wrestling team creates. Other teammates appreciate the comfort wrestling brings.

“The team environment is the best part, we kind of act like a family and we always work hard,” junior Grady Buswell said.

“My favorite part about wrestling has definitely been the family-like aspect of it,” senior David Hall said. This positive and hardworking team is hoping to use their strength as a team to succeed this season.

“The biggest goal for our team is to win a district title. It’s very realistic because if we keep putting in the work every practice we can definitely get it,” Buswell said.

Although they’re grateful for being able to get back on the mats without having to wear a mask this year, their fan base has decreased from the pre-Covid-19 seasons.

“There are a lot less people in the stands now. I remember for duals, two years ago, the stands would be packed and everyone would be crammed together trying to find a seat,” Ayla Platz said. 

“Maybe half the seats were full for the Intersquad meet, but it’s alright because it was more than last year for sure,” Mikey Platz said.

There will be a wrestling competition every Saturday until March, and duals every Thursday as well. Head coach Bryce Reisnaur leads the team with the help of five assistant coaches.  Some returning wrestlers are junior Jamison Davis, senior Caleb Hawkes, and senior Mikey Platz.

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