Advanced classes worth the added work load

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

At first glance, the idea of advanced classes can be scary for some.  They sound more difficult just because the name advanced is placed in front of them.  

However, students tend to get better grades in advanced classes than some do in regular classes.

“I used to strive to be the perfect A+ student but middle college has shown me that nobody cares, what’s really important is just understanding the material. You find that a lot of the stress that we find in high school goes away in college,” junior Hunter Price said. 

Most advanced students take harder classes like AP or go into middle college to challenge themselves.

“My family always taught me that if you’re not applying yourself you’re not earning the benefits of education.  So if you challenge yourself it will help you grow for the better,” senior Brekkan Richardson said.

In advanced classes, students have a bit heavier of a workload but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s boring work.

“I would never miss school because of my advanced class.  For me they’re more of my entertaining classes where we do more stuff.  If I want to miss school it’s normally for another class where we do normal stuff,” junior Lydia Stark said.

In fact, most of the students in the advanced classes find their “harder” classes more enjoyable.

“My advanced classes are the reason I go to school. I got to take classes like welding and American government in middle college, two classes I’m very interested in but would never find in high school,” Price said.

One part of taking advanced courses is to make sure that you have a good work ethic.  “The class work isn’t that bad.  You just have to stay on top of stuff and take advantage of class time, especially with a block schedule.  Use your time wisely and stay on top of things,” Richardson said.

It’s never too late or too early to join an advanced class.  If you feel like you want to be challenged or you’re easily passing all your classes, advanced classes might be right for you.

“You just have to want to and be willing to learn.  Have drive and motivation.  You need to be independent and not have somebody telling you to finish this as well as be willing to take outside work and complete it on your own time,” Stark said.

Advanced classes may sound difficult to those who have never signed up for one but those who join always have good things to say about them. “All it takes is determination and the right attitude, the workload isn’t hard if you don’t want it to be, and the classes can be really easy or hard, there are classes for everyone,” Price said.

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