Skateboarding still popular among SHS students

Gillian Moore
Staff Writer

“I like everything about it, like landing a trick you’ve been working on is amazing. It’s probably the best feeling ever,” junior Carson Harrison said.

Other SHS skaters have similar feelings towards skateboarding, “My favorite part about skating is that you have to learn and practice something until you get it, and it’s a good feeling when you do master something,” junior Jonah Schmautz said.

Harrison has been working on and mastering tricks like the kick flip. “I know how to do the kick flip but a trick I want to learn is the tray flip because it’s really cool,” Harrison said. Skateboarding is a popular past time and a good workout as it is very physically demanding. Along with skateboarding, longboarding is also a similarly enjoyable activity.

“I find longboarding really relaxing, you just ride and you can just keep going. You can clear your mind and that’s why I like it,” senior Bridget Mudaliar said. Although tricks aren’t as common on long boards, there are still a few you could pick up.

“There is this one trick I know; it’s called the Peter-Pan. It’s where you kind of walk across it going diagonally. You can walk backwards too, it’s pretty fun,” Mudaliar said.

Mudaliar has been longboarding for about three years, and still loves it to this day. She got into it all thanks to a friend. “My friend taught me how to do it, so whenever I went over to her house we continued doing it and learned tricks. Eventually I got obsessed and decided to buy one for myself,” Mudaliar said.

Others got into skateboarding other ways. “I got into skateboarding because I always played skateboarding games as a kid,” sophomore Cole Rotzien said. Skateboarding not only is a fun activity, it provides a sense of community.

“It’s kinda cool when you go to the skate park, a ton of people come that don’t even skate. A lot of people there are just there to hang out, it’s a nice sense of community and group environment,” Schmautz said.

Skateboarding is a fun activity to do, connects people together, and creates a sense of community.

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