Smaller restaurants offer big rewards in Sandy

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

Driving through town, Sandy is full of places to eat.  There’s everything from fast food to food carts.  However, finding a new place to eat in a town full of food can be a bit daunting.

With one of Sandy’s most popular food carts, Crepes Plus closing, it’s a great time for the less known breakfast places to thrive.

If you’re still upset about the crepe food cart closing, there’s a great sit down crepe restaurant only a block away.  Le HAPPY offers both sweet and savory crepes as well as salads and other various appetizers.  Their prices vary depending on what you order but nothing goes over $13. They also offer indoor and outdoor seating.  If you’d rather eat at home, they also take to go orders.

“The crepes are the real reason we went there and why we go back.  Also the lovely people who work there,” junior Kevin Trevizo said.

Another place in Sandy where you can go to have a sit down breakfast is Stephanie’s International Cafe.  At Stephanie’s you have a large menu to choose from.  Apart from breakfast they also serve lunch and dinner later in the day.  They have all the breakfast foods you can think of, including a build your own omelet option.  None of their breakfast items go over $15.  They also have a friendly staff.

“I like the environment and decorations in there.  It is very homey and welcoming.  I like to get the breakfast burrito with gravy,” senior Alexis Cumiford said.

Finally, we come full circle with a coffee shop.  Ant Farm is more of a classic, sit down and study with your coffee type of coffee shop.  They offer a breakfast menu that’s full of bagels, breakfast bowls and waffles.  Being a coffee shop they also have a wide variety of drink options.

“I like Ant Farm because they do a lot in the community and because it’s a good space to go do school work,” junior Bree Olwell said. Eating at your favorite places can be nice and easy because you already know what you want.  In a town full of food, there’s so many places that deserve more business.

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