Teams reschedule after games canceled due to Covid

Rebekah Harrell

 Sports are a very important part of life at SHS from the basketball games to the wrestling tournaments, but recently a few games have been canceled due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

“We have had three contests canceled due to COVID-19 this winter, all were canceled by the opponents, not Sandy,” Athletic Director Garrett Lubbert said.

These recent cancellations are due to the rising number of cases in surrounding school districts. Some schools, such as Parkrose, canceled school some days because of the large number of staff members who became sick. While this is not the case for Sandy High, it does affect the winter sports teams.

“I’m very worried that more games will get canceled. This is my senior year and I want to make the most of it. I don’t want my last season to get cut short,” senior Ella Davis said.

All games have been rescheduled for future dates, so at the moment this will not have a big impact on winter sports teams.

“All games have been rescheduled,” Lubbert said.

In order to prevent a further rise in COVID-19 cases, some schools are now requiring athletes to wear masks while participating. At the moment, SHS does not require masks for athletes while playing in games or at practice. SHS athletes are required to wear masks while playing games at other schools who have mask mandates. Furthermore, all spectators are required to wear masks while attending sporting events.

“Athletics/Activities are very important to SHS. Our student athletes and supporters have done a great job of adjusting to difficult regulations in order to keep athletics/activities alive.  We know it has been tough, but your efforts are keeping sports and activities going,” Lubbert said. For now, SHS sports will continue the season as normal.

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