Athletes work through playing in back-to-back seasons

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

Athletes love playing sports.  They love the feeling of winning and working hard.  Some athletes like it so much that they never take a day off.  

As we switch to the spring season there are many athletes that deal with the cross over from their winter sports.

“For me, I haven’t really been preparing myself because I’ve been playing other sports like football or basketball,” junior track athlete Leithan Thompson said.

As far as preparing goes, switching the physicality of your body from one sport to another can also be difficult.  

“It is an adjustment for the body overall, stopping one sport and immediately going into another.  But overall, I don’t have any problems with the turnaround,” senior Ashley Allinger said.

When you play one sport for a long time consistently you’re only working out the same muscles.  So when you switch sports at the drop of a hat, your body is almost always going to be sore from working out new muscles.

“Going from basketball to track is definitely different because you don’t really do any of the same things so you just have to get back into the rhythm of things.  It can be hard to get back into the rhythm of things,” Thompson said.

This year’s basketball season ended on Feb. 28 and the spring sports seasons began on March 1.  That left two days for the athletes to rest and relax before they started training again.

“It sucks not having a break from sports, but for people like me it’s nice to have something different to do, sports are what keeps my world going,” Thompson said.        

In the end, spring sport athletes that play double sports sign up time and time again because they’re doing what they love, competing.

“I love my spring sport [softball] for many reasons.  I enjoy spring sports because softball brings the best out in people and we all get to spend time together doing what we love and bonding,” Allinger said.

Although the consent feeling of being on the go can be difficult, athletes will always keep going because they love working hard and competing.

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