Davis twins follow their own paths through SHS

Gillian Moore
Staff Writer

“Even though you are a twin, you’re your own person, be independent and do your own thing. We definitely have our own group of friends, it’s crazy,” senior Ella Davis said.

Ella, and twin sister Bella, have had a unique experience growing up.

“We tried switching places in fifth grade and we got caught, and they got mad for no reason, we got Oops slips. Then we did it again in eighth grade and they laughed at it and they didn’t care,” Ella said.

Having someone that looks very similar can be entertaining while in school.

“My favorite part about having a twin throughout high school has been just tricking people, and seeing their surprise,” Ella said. Especially while wearing masks, it can be harder to distinguish between the two sisters.

Photo Gillian Moore The Pioneer Press

“It’s funny when people say ‘Oh wait I just saw you over there,’ then I say like nope, that wasn’t me,” Bella said.  Although there are pros to having a twin, there are also some downsides.  There is more accountability with each other’s actions and attitude because it affects how people see both sisters, instead of judging them individually.

“A downside to having a twin is when she [Bella] gets in trouble, I get in trouble. When she has a bad attitude, I automatically have a bad attitude,” Ella said.

“It looks bad on both of us, no matter what,” Bella said. Even though their looks may be similar, their personalities and lives are different.

“It’s good that we do at least one different sport because I do volleyball and Ella plays water polo. It lets me have my own friends, and we get to be more independent. During basketball, we fight way too much,” Bella said. Doing separate sports can be refreshing for siblings who see each other at all other times of the day.

Looking into the future, their plans could not be any different. 

“I am going to take a gap year to work and then in the winter term of 2023 I am going to take a manufacturing and engineering technology class at OIT,” Ella said. As she looks forward to her bright future, Bella looks towards bright flames.

“I’m working towards being a firefighter, so this summer I’m going to try to get a wildland firefighter job and then in the fall, working to get my paramedics license,” Bella said. She is working on becoming a volunteer firefighter now.               

Ella and Bella may live their own separate lives, but they still consider each other their best friends.

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