Drivers ask for improvements to relieve parking problems

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

It’s no secret that the parking lot at school is full of problems.  It’s full of bad parking jobs, parents waiting in the wrong spot and traffic.

At the end of every school day students can be seen trying to leave early by running out of the school.  But, with the crackdown of the rules at school, the parking lot issues are at an all-time high. 

“If you aren’t one of the first 20 cars out of the parking lot, you end up waiting to get out for 30 minutes,” junior Eris Winchester said.

With the buses and students on both sides of the parking lot being forced to use one exit, it gets quite crammed.  

The buses don’t have a stop sign on their way out of the parking lot.  They create what seems like a never ending train, allowing neither side of the student parking lots to get out.

It can be frustrating and annoying getting stuck in the parking lot.  However, there’s a solution that could fix everything.  Another exit.

In the south parking lot, by the football and baseball field they need to add an exit that opens into the football field parking lot. 

This will help control the traffic of the intersection of the two parking lots.  Instead of waiting in a long line of cars taking turns or waiting for buses to pass, they could drive out through the football parking lot.

Adding this extra exit wouldn’t destroy anything the high school has already built either.  In fact, there’s already a large pathway that could easily be transformed.  

If they changed the larger, wood chip pathway into a one way exit out of the south lot it would greatly affect the flow of traffic after school.  

Students wouldn’t try to leave early since the fear of being blocked by the buses would be gone, and the waiting time in the parking lot would greatly decrease.  

Since the football field parking lot has two exits, it would spread the traffic even more, stopping the back up of cars before it even happens.

In an informal poll ran of Sandy High School students, 96% of students voted in favor of a new parking lot.

The school has become adamant with their rules about not leaving early, but if they really want to fix the problem, they are going to need to fix the parking lot.

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