Lim gets new start as English teacher at SHS

Nerisa Olomua
Staff Writer

At the beginning of second semester, the newest English teacher, Barba Lim, found excitement through the big switch from Reynolds High School to Sandy High. Born and raised in Montana, Lim wanted to get out and experience more away from her hometown. 

Photo Gillian Moore The Pioneer Press

While teaching outside of her hometown Missoula, Montana, she found that she wanted something more diverse and entirely different from her hometown. 

Always aiming for something outside of her comfort zone, starting fresh in a completely new community was exactly what Lim was looking for. 

“So I resigned from my teaching job, packed up my car and decided to drive to Portland and just do something completely different,” Lim said. 

Starting her new chapter in Oregon, Lim was excited to make an impact on students in a completely different area.

“I got an apartment in Rockwood on 162nd Burnside and I took a job at Reynolds Middle School in the 90’s during the height of gang activity,” she said,

Continuing her career in Oregon during this time deepened her passion for students at Reynolds. “I really, really fought for the community there,” Lim said, 

Although dedicating most of her career to the Reynolds district, coming to Sandy High was a new and exciting experience.

“Moving my career and my life to something that I feel like I can dig in and relate to in a totally different way here, so that’s made it very comfortable, even though I’m brand new,” she said, 

Although feeling a range of emotions on her first day, Lim felt welcomed by the staff and students. With switching teachers in the middle of the year, students are finding comfort through Sandy High’s newest edition.

“Getting used to a new teacher is different, but I appreciate that she hopped in so quickly for us,” junior Emily Smelser said.  

Showing major appreciation to Sandy’s newest teacher, Lim is making it as easy as possible for her new students. “I like how she wants to hear from us and that she’s trying to keep it somewhat similar,” Smelser said.

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