Rotzien balances work with school obligations

Vincent White
Staff Writer

Walking around the school, people of all sorts can be seen. Some of them love people, some are introverts. Some watch movies and some prefer books. There are a lot of differences, but one that the majority of students are going to do in their four years in high school is get a job.

Sophomore Cole Rotzien is a student most known for playing football and being a generally outspoken person in both class and the halls. But as of March, he has been an employee at local business Sparky’s Pizza.

“I make pizzas, talk to customers, clean every now and then, and slap out some dough,” Rotzien said. Working at a pizza place is a lot more than just making pizzas, and out of these additional responsibilities, talking to people is his favorite activity. Although, according to him his classmates, they can find it “a little annoying,” sometimes.

 “I definitely like talking to customers,” Rotzien said. His goal with this job is simple, and is a sentiment held by many students, and that’s to earn enough money for car.

But that’s not to say he’s earned money for a car and nothing more from his job, as he has picked up some skills. “I know how to make some bomb pizzas,” Rotzien said, shortly before going in depth on how to make great pizza crust.

But part of his job he enjoys the most is the atmosphere he works in. “I like kicking it with the Sparky’s employees. Sometime we play ‘trashketball’ when it doesn’t get busy,” Rotzien said. But there’s more out there than the other employees.

 Senior Lucy Burks is an employee at Subway, which is only a few doors down from Sparky’s. This close proximity and pre-established friendship has created an interesting relationship between the two businesses. “Sparky’s and Subway are allies,” Burks said.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my Subway family,” Rotzien said. Through a mutual enjoyment of each other’s food, their alliance grew to a point where their managers agreed to let them trade uniforms on April 1 which was certainly an odd sight.

But while all of this is fun, Rotzien does have plans to do a little more than trade uniforms on April Fool’s and save up to purchase a car. “I’ll probably work construction or something,” Rotzien said. But his ultimate aspiration is to go to the military.

Everyone will eventually need a job, you don’t have to be a certain kind of person or enjoy certain things, all you really need is dedication and a reason to prevail.

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