Sandy grad starts Mt. Hood Pet Resort

Brooke Womack
Sports Editor

Most people find their first job at fast food places or work for their parents, but former SHS student Samantha Frickey found her first job at the Mt. Hood Pet Resort.

Frickey found work at the Pet Resort back in 2016, right after she had graduated high school.

“It was my first job and I wanted to do something fun. I have always labeled myself a dog person, so when I saw the resort was hiring, I could not think of a better job,” Frickey said.

Frickey now finds herself as the owner of the Pet Resort as of Jan. 1.  With her new position, she has a few plans for the future of the business.

Photo Courtesy Alison Shaw

“I haven’t made many changes yet, but I am hopeful to be more involved in our community as Sandy is my home. I also have been working to improve our social media presence by building a new website and creating an Instagram account where we post Pet of the Month,” Frickey said.

This seems to have worked well for Frickey so far because they have gained a flow of regular clients.

“Most of our clients are regulars and that’s another perk. I get to watch the puppies grow up and they feel like they are my dogs as well,” Frickey said.

As far as taking care of pets goes, the resort finds itself with dogs mostly, even though they will board cats.  Additionally, the resort also offers daycare, grooming and a self-wash to their clients.

Besides the daycare life, the pets at the resort also bring some humor to the job.

“The dogs are always doing something silly. I really need to start recording them. I’d go viral in no time,” she says.  Some dogs even have some fun names.  “Some unique names are Cowboy, Tinkerbell, Cherry, D.O.G. and Banjo,” Frickey said.

Although the dogs have fun most of the time, some dogs can be a little nervous when their owners drop them off.

“The best part is meeting a scared new dog and getting to help them come out of their shell and enjoy daycare. I also really enjoy interacting with the dogs’ owners. I feel like I learn something new from the owners every day,” Frickey said.

A first job is something most people quit as soon as the summer hits, but for Frickey it has become her dream job as the Mt. Hood Pet Resort owner.

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