Students adjust to increased rules enforcement

Rebekah Harrell

At the beginning of the second semester, teachers and administrators started to frequently enforce more policies such as dress code, attendance, hall passes, and the phone policy.

Policies regarding phones, dress code, and more have always been in place, but because of COVID-19, the administration relaxed the consequences of breaking these policies in order to welcome students back to campus.

“We noticed an increase in students missing class, wandering the halls, showing up late, etc. as we got further into the first semester.  We want all our students to be successful and will continue to encourage and help each and every student.  These behaviors do not encourage good behaviors or academic success,” vice-principal Andrea Miller said.

The administration wants students to learn in the classroom, but they also want students to learn basic skills such as time management and organization. Enforcing the current policies and rules helps encourage students to stay in class and be better engaged.  

“Accountability helps everyone be more successful.  Students who are in class and engaged are more successful,” Miller said.

The intent is not to punish students for unwanted behavior. It is to redirect students on the correct path. The rules and regulations are in place to help student become more successful and help create more consistent habits.

“We do not have these rules in place to ‘catch’ students doing the wrong thing.  They are more to hold students accountable and help them be successful,” Miller said. The recent increase in enforcement of rules is meant to provide stability for students at SHS.

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