Thrift shopping creates enjoyable pastime for students

Laila Ramirez
A&E Editor

Thrifting as we know it has made a comeback to teenagers searching for a more sustainable way to purchase clothing. But has thrifting become popular to younger generations because of its sustainability and environmental benefits or because some are simply partaking in a popular and trending act their friends and online influencers may be doing?

Thrift shopping includes second hand shops and stores where clothes are donated, and both seem to be popular with younger crowds. There are many in the Portland area that you can find while strolling the streets. Popular stores to hit are ones such as Red White and Blue, the Goodwill bins in Portland, Value Vintage, House of Vintage, and Buffalo Exchange. All are fairly close in proximity and seem to be popular places.

Many like the idea of thrifting because it slows down the contribution of clothing into our landfills, being more sustainable and reducing the amount of plastic packaging and clothing that would otherwise go directly into landfills. There are many other benefits to thrifting such as reducing waste that online shopping produces, supporting local shops, and repurposing old clothing that reduces waste into landfills.

 As far as negatives to thrifting, there aren’t many to speak of. The actual process of thrifting and sorting through clothing may be the worst that it gets. It’s important to note that if you pick up some items, it’s necessary to clean and wash the clothing once you get home, as much of it sits in large bins with many other articles of used clothing that may be dirty. Many suggest wearing gloves and carrying sanitizers to clean your hands periodically while thrifting. Thrifting also contains an aspect of patience while going out and searching for clothing, due to the large amount that isn’t often categorized. It’s best to be patient and not be in search of anything too particular due to the wide variety.

The beauty of thrifting is that someone’s old clothing that may be undesirable, may be another’s treasure and regardless of one’s intentions and purpose by thrifting, it provides many an alternative way to shop while having fun and being more sustainable.

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