Track athletes switch to golf for spring season

Gillian Moore
Photo Editor

In previous years, participating in track and field was a no-brainer for spring athletes.  But, recently, things have changed. This year, golf has become a popular sport to play for some. Due to staffing changes, some students’ spring sports preference has changed.

“The main reason I wanted to do golf more was because Vix [former coach Anouxa Vixathep] stopped coaching. Also, with Covid-19 and everything people are just looking for fun with friends, rather than the fun in sports. A lot of sports have been ruined for some people because of Covid,” junior Hayden Thomas said.

It’s appealing to be playing a relaxed round of golf in the sun with your friends rather than 400 meter repeats on the track in preparation for a stressful meet in the following days.

“I wanted to do golf because I recently played it and I found a lot of joy in it.  Along with that, there has been a lot of changes in track and it’s difficult trying to balance everything.  I thought playing a nice relaxing sport might help,” senior Ashton Turin said.

Turin has recently been exposed to golf from a friend who already enjoys the sport.

“My friend Joseph Wagner told me to come out to the Resort to play golf with him and I did and we had a ton of fun, I love playing when it’s sunny and warm,” Turin said.

Other students are also considering doing golf this year for the first time.  Although they may have never played it, they have recently discovered the joy in it.

“The reason I was thinking about doing golf is because it’s a really chill sport and a bunch of my friends were going to do it. You just get to go to the driving range and hit a bunch of balls for free,” senior Teague Clemmer said.

Although some students are considering doing golf, they still enjoy and are wanting to partake in some of what track and field offers.

“I want to train in track for football but I don’t really want to compete for just the sport itself because it just isn’t that much fun anymore,” Thomas said.

Track and field athletes are a close and tight knit community which offers an escape from the stresses of life for a couple hours every day. After Vixathep retired as head coach of the team after coaching for 20 years, there was a need for a new coach.

“Last year, the athletic director was searching for people and I wasn’t sure if I was a good fit but it came down to I need someone for the year, so I told him I would try it.  I have always enjoyed it and working with kids,” math teacher Caleb Stringer said.

Although the track and field program has gone through some changes the past couple years, it is looking forward to the upcoming season, as is the golf team.

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