Variety of morning drinks is a must for students

Nicole Wright
Staff Writer

For many high school students, stopping for a morning drink is essential on their way to school. Once that caffeine is in your system, you feel like you can take on anything. Just a single cup of coffee can change how the entire day goes for you. 

Although, maybe you’re not a coffee drinker. You may prefer a cup of tea, a Red Bull, or a smoothie to kick start your morning. There are endless options to explore. 

Coffee has been around for hundreds of years, but infused energy drinks are increasingly popular among teenagers. Containing less caffeine than coffee but much more sugar, they attract younger people. 

In an informal poll, 58% of students said they would choose some sort of energy drink and only 42% would choose coffee.

“I go to Mama Bears Espresso basically every day before school because I need the caffeine. I always get a 24 oz. blended strawberry peach Red Bull. On days I don’t go, I feel out of it since I didn’t get the energy to jumpstart my day,” junior Cindy Moreno said. 

Our town is filled with so many different options for both drive through and walk in shops. Whether it’s a chain or family owned, there’s definitely somewhere for you to stop on your morning drive.

The poll also asked what is the most popular local options, such as Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Country Coffee or our nearby mini mart for pre-made bottled beverages. A total of 62% of people said they prefer Dutch Bros as their go to stop in the morning. Country Coffee was next at 20%, Starbucks was third with 12% and lastly, 6% of people would rather have pre-made bottled beverages. 

For some people, not getting their morning cup of caffeine comes with side effects. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches, low energy, fatigue and poor concentration which can affect your day greatly.

“I usually stop and get an iced gold rush, half sweet, Americano style from Country Coffee in the morning. I am very caffeine dependent and almost always get headaches if I don’t have coffee or Red Bull,” junior Frances Fancher said. 

Whether the source is a cup of coffee or not, many students rely on a cup of caffeine in the morning for a good start to their day.

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